Pressure Cooking Fresh Foods

Garlic for Cooking from Tyler Grasham

Everyone deserves a healthy diet; there is more awareness about living a healthy life and eating the right foods. The efforts to promote healthy living standards have paid off, at least to an extent. You can tell from the increasing demand for healthy cooking recipes globally.

 There are many ways to cook fresh foods and prevent the nutrients from getting destroyed. In this post, I will be writing about pressure cooking fresh foods.

Pressure cooking is one of the old methods of cooking discovered many years ago with the invention of pressure cookers. Pressure cooking was first invented as a means to cook tough foods and meats quickly. Over the years, chefs have found ways to cook more types of foods with pressure cookers. Some of the advantages of this cooker are as follows;

Quick cooking

If you are cooking for many guests or commercially, you will be able to meet your cooking targets by using a pressure cooker. They are used to cook foods quickly.

Different cooking methods

With a pressure cooker, you can either cook your food by steaming it in the cooker or immersion in a specified quantity of water (boiling).

Cooking larger quantities of food

The vessel of pressure cookers can accommodate more fresh food so you can cook more quantity in record time.

Types of fresh foods that can be pressure cooked

You can cook foods such as beans, vegetables, potatoes, and rice in pressure cookers. Many models of these cookers come with racks that fit in the vessel. These racks are used to suspend fresh foods such as vegetables that should not be boiled. On these racks, you can place the foods, so they are suspended over the water, the food is steam cooked until it is ready.

Pressure cooking is known to be a good way to cook foods without losing compromising its flavor and nutrients.

Timing pressure cooking

There are so many recipes you can use to pressure cook fresh foods. It is essential that you study and understand the recipe before proceeding with the cooking. On your recipe, you will notice the cooking time has been specifically stated. Some recipes also advise you on how to release the steam from the pressure cooker at the stated cooking time. Adhering to cooking times specified in the recipes is necessary to avoid overcooking your food and to prevent scorching.

The cooking time in recipes you may want to use have been derived through a series of tests and experiments with similar fresh foods you want to cook. They can be trusted; however, don’t be surprised to find out the food you are cooking have not reached the texture you need after removing it from the cooker.

If this happens, you may need to add a few minutes. This could have happened due to the difference in the model of pressure cookers used. Some pressure cookers are triple plated to aid even distribution of heat when cooking while others don’t have this feature. Hence there is a lower heat conductivity.

I encourage you to try pressure cooking fresh foods; it is easy, find a nice recipe that involves foods you like such as beans or potatoes and pressure cook. Remember it is important to follow the recipe. Tyler Grasham

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